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You will know you will need Krakow, a unique Krakow and we will help you to know its uniqueness.

Why are we here?

Are you planning to live in Krakow or have you recently moved here? Perhaps you have already been living here for some time. Krakow may seem an unfamiliar place, the language is “Greek” to you and you may be having a hard time with your daily tasks. Are you wondering if you can continue your usual hobbies? What is there to do on weekends? Are you still unsure whether you have completed all the necessary requirements needed when you arrived in Poland? Maybe, you are still looking for a place to live?

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Welcome to Krakow!

Enjoy the city and its surroundings!

Kraków is a wonderful place that creates a charm within it. You can find many interesting things to do here. It doesn't matter if it's cultural, sightseeing or exploring nature. This is the right place for you!

Come and explore the city and the nearby places while you are here!

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